Gracil is a Portuguese brand dedicated entirely to the design of women's fashion accessories.

We create and produce design since 1989.

Our Mission

Create beauty in the feminine, be part of a fantasy universe for girls and women, who always want to feel dazzling and unique with what they wear.

The rebels, the daring, the princesses, the goddesses, color of human existence, cradle, earth, birth, to be woman. 

Like the moon that reflects the light of the sun, express in the accessory the personality of each woman.

Our Values

Our accessories are made with caring hands, elaborated with pleasure and love, creating a unique and recognizable design.

Our happiness is your dazzle.

O nosso know-how

Responsibility and Ecological Sustainability

Our History

We go back 30 years in time and the brand Gracil started to took shape. It was the year 1987 and Graça Marques, a sensitive woman and entrepreneur, walked unknowingly along the paths of her girlish dreams. At first for no purpose, just for the pleasure of doing, she created accessories that charmed. Some stores and fashion companies soon discovered this genuine gift of creating beauty with her hands and began to try to get these accessories produced. This chance and this charm became in 1989 the brand Gracil. Today, a dedicated team works to bring you, the creativity of unlimited imagination.

In the dreams of a girl who in an innocent and uncompromising way built charming stories with gifted hands. 

What I have always done since I was a girl, for pleasure, with relaxation and joy, were accessories for my hair, this relaxation and joy still accompanies me today, because everything I do leaves the heart, is not forced, springs like spring crystalline water , Flows like breeze that runs through the leaves of the trees. Today I am not alone and the pieces that are born are no longer just for me, today we are a team, a family, but the feeling is the same of that child.

My creative essence comes from far away ... (because there are many essences, such as painting because there are many essences, such as painter, musician or actor, my essence part of the hands. My great-grandfather was an entrepreneur, my grandfather an inventor and my father a simple, wise and creative man. All were visionaries in the area of ​​art and cutlery industry, started in the family since the nineteenth century. All the inspiration I receive, I feel it as a divine gift ...

The emotion that I feel to create each piece, reminds me of the charming smile of a happy child and leaves me free again, like when I was a girl with blond hair, In a field full of yellow flowers where I made tiaras, necklaces and bracelets never missing.

I believe in imagination and inspiration. I imagine every woman wearing an accessory as unique as her. I grew in appreciation for the beauty of living nature, of human beings and of life.

Graça Marques
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